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Sheath size

- Suitable for a small knife, blade 6.2 cm, full length of the sheath approx. 17 cm

- Carving knife, narrower handle, blade 8.5 cm, total length of sheath approx. 18 cm

- Suitable for a carving knife, blade approx. 8 cm, sheath length approx. 19 cm

- Carving knife, blade approx. 10.5 cm, sheath length 21 cm

- Suitable for filleting knife, blade length approx. 16 cm, sheath length approx. 26 cm

- Sheath suitable for Patrol/Children's knife, blade approx. 8.5 cm, full length of the sheath approx. 19 cm


  • Delivery usually in 1 - 3 days, may be longer for orders in Europe.

Free delivery when the order amount is:

  • over €100 in Finland
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Remember that you can get a free name engraving on the knives and reindeer antler products, about which you can mention information in the 'Notes' section of the shopping cart!

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