Wood Jewel's roots go back to the early 1980s. Owner and CEO Kauko Raatiniemi started the company alongside his main job, making larger products such as clocks. In the early 90s, Kauko started as a full-time entrepreneur. In 1995, the company hired its first employee. Today, the company employs around 20 people all year round.

The main raw materials are Finnish birch, reindeer antler and stained veneer birch.

There are more than 1,000 different products, but the main product is knives. At the end of the 80s, Kauko produced the first knives, which were all bought by a collector. At the beginning of the 2000s, Kauko's son Tuomas Raatiniemi restarted the production of knives in the company. Today, we manufacture approx. 50,000 knives annually.

The knives are designed especially for use, taking into account the blade material, the shape of the handle and the fit of the knife in the sheath. Our selection also includes design and gift knives.

Our products can be found in our own stores in Finland, in Kolari, Äkäslompolo (Ylläs), Levi and our dealers around Finland and the world. We export to many countries, e.g. Norway, Sweden, Russia, England, America, etc.

For versatile use

Wood Jewel's knives are designed for versatile use, from hunting to gifts.

It is possible to get a name engraving on the blades.

Write your engraving wishes into the "additional info" box on the checkout page.

Our General Purpose Knives